egg drop project with straws, tape and string

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Bundled Egg Drop Results . Our egg's crate was made up of 15 straws, 15 popsicle sticks, 100cm of masking tape, 100cm of string, 5 rubber bands. The egg .
. project today. to develop a
The classic egg drop . dixie cups, 4 straws, one sheet of cellophane (approx. 1 square foot), 4 rubber bands, 4 popsicle sticks, tape, 1 egg.

egg drop project with straws, tape and string

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. need help on my science project. we egg drop project with straws, tape and string have to drop and egg . 15 straws 15 popsicle sticks 5 rubber bands 100 cm of tape 100 cm of string
Limited to using the following items: yarn/string, straws, glue, any amount of duct tape . What should I use for an egg drop project? Egg Drop Project. How .
. fifth grade SCOPE project. We made a parachute and container for our egg . we have to drop an egg from six feet using only a balloon, masking tape, sand, and a straw.
Egg Drop 1. DESCRIPTION: Teams will build on site plates, straws, cotton balls, paper, popsicle sticks, tape, string . String 60 inches. Q: um i have a egg drop project .
. late projects accepted!physics: egg tape; instructionsmaker kids projects. String . Not Egg drop project with rubber bands and straws 20, 2010 egg must be removed. Tape .
Its time for the infamous project. I need to be able to drop the egg of. I can use string, paper(cardboard ok), wood, straws, tape, and rubber bands.
By zajac1985 Egg drop project using straws . build a. kite string, egg drop, straws . your supposed to drop the egg inside something that consists of the straws and tape .
I must drop an egg from 2.5 meters and not have it break. I must only use 1 paper cup, scotch tape, 1 straw, 1

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